Full Service:
Crandall Ritzu Architects is a full service architectural firm, capable  of executing projects  of diverse size and complexity  from analyzing a proposed site for development to selecting final finishes and furnishings. This applies to residential, commercial and institutional project types. We are also available  for other types of consultation as follows:

Pre-purchase Project Analysis: Trying to determine if an existing building  or site can be modified, expanded,  or developed to meet your expectations and your budget is difficult. Accurately assessing an existing property’s potential is  especially important in Chicago as the rising prices of real estate and construction costs, and the growing complexity of zoning relief are constantly changing the cost benefit relationship of real estate investment. Whether you are evaluating a private home for your own use, or want to develop a parcel of land for speculative sale,  we are available to analyze and develop preliminary designs to help you make a confident decision. A few hours’  time from a knowledgeable professional can keep you from making a costly mistake.

Community Group Advisory: Too often volunteer community  groups and local government representatives  avoid seeking competent professional advice to help them assess  the effects that proposed changes to the zoning ordinance and prospective development will have on their community. Our expertise in this area can help residents and local representatives  better understand the effects proposed changes can have on them, thereby  protecting  their interests in the face of rapidly changing restrictions and requirements.

Inspections/ Maintenance: Crandall Ritzu Architects is available to building managers, banks,  condominium associations and home owners to provide inspection services, help building owners rectify building code violations, and recommend courses of action to repair and maintain existing structures.

Public Speaking/ Classroom visits:  We welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge  with groups of  all interests as their queries relate to architecture. Whether you are a teacher organizing a career day,  a program director for a special interest organization , or a real estate broker interested in helping your  agents better serve their customers, we can tailor a presentation on an architectural topic of interest to you.

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