Architecture is a result of human desire.
This simple truth is at the core of all of our work. Understanding the source and intensity of a client’s desire is our primary indication of the potential of every project. We seek to match this to our desire to engage our hearts and minds through our skill, and to bring forth a built response that completely satisfies the needs and exceeds the expectations that this fundamental desire awakens in our clients.

No two projects are identical, as the dynamic between all of the  parties involved is never duplicated. This results in work that eludes definition through style, as the appearance of every project is only one of many issues that are resolved in the design process. This process begins with the client’s personal taste and past experience of architecture which is then examined and refined as it is rendered through our hands. Remaining responsive throughout the process is how our client's desire is accommodated; remaining focused is how the project is realized.

Our sensibilities have been formed through years of study, teaching,  travel, and over twenty years of practice in Chicago, London, and Pittsburgh. We bring this extensive experience to bear on every project we undertake, thereby ensuring the best possible fit between our clients’ wants and their construction needs. We combine this with careful guidance throughout the building process so that our clients can be confident that their decisions are ones with which they will be happy for years to come.   We respect the confidence our clients place in us, and we return it with the highest degree of professional skill we possess.

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